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The Creation of FEARLESS!

Katie Brooks interviews composer and playwright, Valerie Connelly, who reaveals how she came to write FEARLESS! The Golden Love Musical. Watch and listen to discover how Valerie Connelly created FEARLESS!—a fascinating story of building and living a life-long dream.


 Valerie describes the characters of FEARLESS!











These videos are from a "reading" performance in 2013 as the song prototypes for FEARLESS! were developing. The FEARLESS! Cast Album and stage version DVD are currently in production for release in Fall of 2017.

Often, in live performance, there are imperfections. That's just part of live performance. Musical arrangements and lyrics also continue to change, as you will hear on the music download previews.

But the purpose of showing these videos here is to give you a better idea of how the music for FEARLESS! evolved. The songs for FEARLESS! were all first created on a piano, and some say that is the most "organic way" to hear the songs. You'll hear a big difference when you listen to the fully orchestrated versions in the Music ACT I and Music ACT II menus. We'll be adding more videos as they become available, so do return to see them, too.