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Welcome to THE PLAYBOOK for

Fearless! The Golden Love Musical

Music, Lyrics & Play by Valerie Connelly (ASCAP)


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FEARLESS! Staged in 2016

at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center.

The FEARLESS! Cast Album and stage version DVD are currently in production for release in 2018.



     Fearless! takes place somewhere in the USA in a present-day big or medium-sized city, but it could take place in any American town. Like so many people do, the characters struggle with challenges and day-to-day frustrations that drive them toward life-changing choices about love and the pursuit of happiness. The story is engaging, with recognizable elements of reality balanced with a bit of fantasy.

     Fearless! reaches out and pulls on the heartstrings, tickles the funnybone, all the while keeping a finger on the pulse of the Boomer Generation's perspective.

    As you explore this site, you will meet the characters, learn what motivates them and see the steps they take  to resolve the challenges they face. You will be able to listen to the music as the composer created it.

     Become a Fan of Fearless! and join the many others who are looking for entertainment that sings to the life experience of all Boomers and their families. New York producers look for proof of the marketplace, and the NYC producers who have expressed interest in Fearless! are no different. The creators know you're out there. Let us hear from you!


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