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Maggie arrives in front of her apartment just as Jason and the twins get back from their (circus replacement) baseball park outing. The children are bubbling over with excitement about their trip. Jason agrees the day was fun, but then tells Maggie that he has been offered a partnership at his law firm, requiring their family to relocate to London for two years.

She responds by telling him she has just accepted an art gallery directorship. Jason flies off the handle, convinced she's trying to compete with him, and when he tells her she can't take the new job, that he is the breadwinner, she responds with her plan to get a couple of puppies for her mother, then tells him off, and leaves, singing a reprise of "Nothing Is Ours But Time."

Twins Jenny and Jonathan overhear it all, and are confused but delighted by the idea of puppies. Jason stomps up the stairs and slams the front door.


Nikki is done for the day, and comes into the disarray of her living room with a glass of wine. She sits down on the couch and surfs the TV futilely when the doorbell rings. Her five best girlfriends are on the porch with wine and munchies in hand. They're ready for a girl's-night-in party. As the chit-chat turns to men, they all sing and animatedly dance the humorous song "My Perfect Man," poking fun of what each claims would make an ideal partner.

The conversation turns to how it was for them when they were young, and  they sing and dance the funny and timely commentary "Supermom Rag," how hard it is to be everything to everyone in family life. Maggie calls to say she has a surprise for Nikki and ask if she could stop by. Nikki says yes, and then the doorbell rings again. It's the pizza delivery boy with their dinner. Maggie then shows up with two puppies, and all sing "Dogs Are Better People Than People." The five friends take leave and the lights fade to black.


Danny and Jimmy are sitting in the alley between a grocery store and a jewelry shop, smoking pot. They devise a plan to rob the jewelry shop to replace the money Danny can't get from his father any more, now that he's on his own. Jimmy shows Danny the gun he has in order to convince the shop owners to give them the jewelry. Danny is not happy with that, but goes along with Jimmy's plan anyway. The heist goes bad when the shop owner uses the silent alarm to call the police. A confrontation and struggle. Jimmy is killed. Danny is arrested and as taken into custody. Allison reappears and sings a reprise of "Less Than Perfect World."


As Nikki and Maggie clean up the party mess, Maggie confesses her fight with Jason, and sings the powerful song, "Till Tomorrow Comes," to let Nikki know she's thinking of leaving Jason immediately. Jason has followed Maggie to Nikki's place with the twins in the car. He leaves them there with a high-tech game diversion and, as he approaches the door, overhears the last of Maggie’s words, and barges into the room. An argument ensues, and in the end, Maggie tells Jason she and the children are going to stay with Nikki for a while. She wants to save their marriage, but needs some time to think.

She gets the children from the car. Then, when they ignore their father because they are magnetized to the puppies, Jason rushes out behind tears.

The twins take the puppies up to their room and sing "Starlight, Star Bright," as they try to figure out how to help their parents get back together. Then Nikki and Maggie sing "Love Is All There Is," Maggie sings to Jason (on side wing arguing with his boss) and Nikki sings to Daniel (on other wing phoning people). 

When the song is over, Nikki's cell phone rings: Daniel wants her help at the Job Ops Center. She agrees, and leaves Maggie with the children.


Nikki is running to the Job Ops Center. She stops at a bus stop to catch her breath and sings "When Love Takes Hold of You." The people waiting for the bus join her in the song and all break into dance. This is Nikki's transformational song, where she realizes that she loves Daniel and will take the risk to show him she does. When the music ends, she resumes her run.

Lights come up on left wing. JASON is sitting at a kitchen table with a pot of coffee, a mug, and wearing earbuds hooked into his iPhone. Crumpled papers are scattered on the table and on the floor. He’s holding his head in his hands, and suddenly he pounds them on the table, takes off the earbuds and stands up. He paces back and forth. He sits, takes a sip of coffee, writes a few lines on a sheet of paper, then stands up again with the paper in hand. He reads the start of a letter to Maggie, but instead sings "Doin' Time with the Blues" which reveals to the audience and to the character his true emotions. This is JASON'S transformational song where he comes to terms with what he must do to save his marriage with MAGGIE and find the happiness he's been looking for.


Daniel is addressing a mixed down-and-out and up-and-coming Job Ops Center gathering of people looking for work and business startup advice. He is offering them his business expertise to help them find the next step in their work lives. The whole group sings the choreographed Gospel-sounding "Yesterday Is Over" to whip up enthusiasm and positive attitudes.

Some of the Job Seekers tell what they've been doing to start their new enterprises. Then discussion turns to the "good old days." Everyone joins in to sing "Just an Old Hippy" and by the time the song is over, and the whole gathering is ready to get Daniel's help, Nikki arrives.

She and Daniel talk about Danny's arrest, and then she sings "Welcome to My Life" to declare her love to Daniel. They hug and kiss a very long kiss. Daniel introduces Nikki as his girl. Applause and whistling.

Jason appears, and Maggie and the children come in after him. Daniel asks a few Job Seekers to describe their new businesses. Jason explains that he needs Daniel's help to start up his own law practice so they won’t have to move, and tells Maggie that he wants her to take the job at the art gallery.

And Danny appears to openly apologize to his father and to ask one of the entrepreneurs to hire him once he's paid his debt to society.
The whole cast joins Nikki and Daniel in singing "Fearless!" as balloons and confetti fall into the audience . . . and the following message is projected onto the closing curtains: