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Fearless! The Golden Love Musical is reality. It is life in today’s world, balanced with a bit of fantasy. The story tugs at the heartstrings, tickles the funny bone, and keeps its finger on the pulse of the 76-million-strong Boomer Generation. Fearless!  takes place in a present-day city, but could easily be any town in America. The main characters struggle with daily challenges and frustrations that prompt them to life-changing choices about love and the pursuit of happiness. All the events take place in one day, sometimes over-lapping to drive the plot through conflicting layers of the action that bring the characters closer to resolving the issues they face.


The story unfolds in the early morning as 40-ish husband-and-wife parents, Jason and Maggie, enter an active early-morning street scene from their apartment. A heated discussion surfaces over Maggie's promise to spend the day with her mother Nikki. Jason wants to take the family to the circus, but never shared the idea. They argue about Jason living in fantasy and not valuing Maggie's plans or family schedule.

The opening song and dance number (engaging everyone on the street), "Nothing Is Ours But Time," sets up the theme that time is all we ever truly have, that it is fleeting at best, and we need to make the most of our lives.

As Maggie heads off for the day with her mom, Jason stomps up the stairs in a huff, knowing he will be spending the whole day with the children, without Maggie to play referee, and adamantly determined to not go to the circus.


Nikki, the 60-something divorced grandmother of Jason and Maggie’s ten-year-old fraternal twins, is a vibrant yet reclusive emerging mystery writer trying to make best choices for herself while remaining close to her family.

Her ex-husband, Sheldon, arrives unannounced with some of Maggie’s childhood photos, and a bundle of old love letters—part of his sporadic habit of bringing memorabilia to Nikki, encouraged by his new "rob-the-cradle" wife who is trying to erase Nikki and Maggie from his life by insisting he get rid of old relationship reminders. Nikki and Sheldon sing "Believe I Meant to Love You" to forgive the failure of their 30-year marriage. Sheldon leaves.

Maggie arrives to take her mom to lunch and shopping. Nikki is wrestling with a stubborn writer’s block that her publisher tells her to overcome or have her contract cancelled. She thinks she should just stay home and work through her manuscript tangles, but Maggie assures her that a mid-day mall visit might be just what’s needed to reignite her writing. Nikki is unaware of her daughter and son-in-law's troubles, even as her daughter, Maggie, encourages her Mom to give more time and attention to the twin’s soccer coach, Daniel.

Daniel is a widower and retired entrepreneur in his sixties, with a twenty-six-year-old live-in son. Daniel and Nikki are good friends, but Daniel thinks they could be more than that and is trying to get Nikki to date him. The witty dance-animated song, "Bingo Wings" (titled after the flabby part of aging under-arms that flap when waving to declare: “BINGO!”) helps Nikki explain her unhappy physical changes to Maggie and why she can't even imagine being with a man again.

Answering Maggie’s questions, Nikki shares stories about her own mother and the experiences of two old friends, Jane and Mary, then sings "One More Day" to explain her decision to work while Maggie was young. Jane and Mary (on the side wings), join Nikki in the song. Maggie joins the chorus.

When she sings "Who You Gonna Be," Nikki lets Maggie know how important she has always been to her. The song brings their understanding of each other as mother and daughter closer together.


The scene changes to Daniel's apartment. His son, Danny, after being out all night, is sound asleep on the couch in front of a flickering TV. The spirit of his mother (Daniel’s departed wife), Allison, climbs in the window. She is “dressed to the teeth” to go golfing! She enters her son’s dream, and the two have a no-nonsense conversation about his lazy behavior and the bad company he's been keeping with Jimmy, a small-time neighborhood hoodlum. She sings "Less Than Perfect World" to give Danny something to hold onto. She reminds him of all the good advice she gave him as he was growing up. As Allison leaves, Danny dissolves in tears and falls back asleep.

The apartment is a disaster when Daniel comes in the door. Father confronts son about his do-nothing attitude, and delivers the ultimatum that Danny must get a job, enroll in classes, or enlist in the military — or be out on the street. Startled into reality, Danny responds by arguing that if his mother were still alive, she wouldn't let Daniel do this. She'd understand, he pleads.

Daniel points out that Allison always kept Danny in line, and now it is his turn. He gives Danny ten minutes to decide, or leave. When Danny refuses to believe his father is serious, Daniel tosses him a duffle bag, tells him to fill it with things he needs and to get out. He does.

Daniel loses his bluster in the silence of the empty room.


Nikki and Maggie return to Nikki’s living room after their fun outing. Maggie heads home to the kids as Nikki decides to invite her girlfriends to an impromptu party.

A moment after Maggie leaves, Daniel arrives. He tells Nikki about throwing Danny out. She's surprised but supports him. The conversation turns to their friendship. Daniel sings "Listen to your Heart" to nudge Nikki toward a closer relationship. She replies by singing "Burning Stone," to explain her reason for being reluctant. Then Daniel declares his love for her by singing "A Heart Still Made of Gold." This song touches Nikki deeply, and she begins to push her reluctance aside. They kiss for the first time. The lights fade to black.


When the lights come up, it is late afternoon. Nikki is working on her novel, and suddenly, into view of the audience, Daniel sits up from the couch where he's been napping. Nikki unsuccessfully tries to explain her book to him. Then, Daniel talks about how he's been forgetting things lately, and sings "Forgetting," a partly-funny/partly-serious comment on memory and aging. Nikki laughs it off, and replies with "When I'm Ninety-Five," a light-hearted song about growing old that clearly includes Daniel in her future.

She urges him to figure out what he really wants to do with his time, and hints that she needs to be alone in order to do her writing. Daniel gets her to agree to have dinner together the next day. When he leaves, he pauses, turns back toward the door as if he's going to knock on it, but doesn’t. Nikki stands facing the door, as if she's sorry he's gone. (The audience sees both sides.) Both freeze as Allison appears on a side wing and sings "Yesterday's Children." Then Daniel and Nikki, door between them, sing "Fearless!" each thinking they’re alone, but realizing they are falling in love.