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How many eyes has a typical person?









ACT I Scene 1

Nothing is Ours but Time                                     MAGGIE, JASON and PASSERSBY


ACT I Scene 2

Believe I Meant to Love You                                 NIKKI AND SHELDON

Bingo Wings                                                       NIKKI, WOMEN’S CHORUS, & MAGGIE

One More Day                                                    NIKKI, MARY, JANE, and MAGGIE

Who You Gonna Be                                             NIKKI


ACT I Scene 3

Less Than Perfect World                                      ALLISON


ACT I Scene 4

Listen to Your Heart                                            DANIEL and NIKKI

Burning Stone                                                    NIKKI

A Heart Still Made of Gold                                   DANIEL & NIKKI


ACT I Scene 5

Forgetting                                                         DANIEL & MEN’S CHORUS

When I’m Ninety-five                                         NIKKI

Yesterday’s Children                                          ALLISON

Fearless!                                                          NIKKI and DANIEL




ACT II Scene 1

Nothing is Ours but Time (Reprise)                     MAGGIE, JASON


ACT II Scene 2

My Perfect Man                                                 NIKKI & HER GIRLFRIENDS

Supermom Rag                                                 NIKKI & HER GIRLFRIENDS

Dogs Are Better People Than People                   MAGGIE, NIKKI & GIRLFRIENDS


ACT II Scene 3

Less Than Perfect World (Reprise)                      ALLISON


ACT II Scene 4

Till Tomorrow Comes                                        MAGGIE

Starlight, Star Bright                                        JENNY & JONATHAN

Love Is All There Is                                          NIKKI and MAGGIE


ACT II Scene 5

When Love Takes Hold of You                           NIKKI

Doin' Time with the Blues                                 JASON


ACT II Scene 6

Yesterday Is Over                                            DANIEL & JOB OPS PEOPLE

Just an Old Hippy                                             DANIEL & JOB OPS PEOPLE

Welcome to My Life                                          NIKKI & DANIEL

Yesterday’s Children (Reprise)                          ALLISON

Fearless!                                                        FULL CAST