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Business Director for FEARLESS!

   Hal’s career is deeply rooted in twelve years of publishing house and “Top 10” Madison Avenue advertising agencies as a copy writer and creative management executive. He is a leading entrepreneur and business development coach/consultant. His two-term federal appointments to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Advisory Council (NY/NJ/PA/VI) and five years on the National Committee for Quality Health Care Public Affairs Team attest to both his entrepreneurial leadership advocacy and his patient/doctor advocacy.

   As a consultant, Hal assisted over 500 business and professional practice startups and nearly 800 expansion programs. He was founding director of the Pennsylvania Heart Institute, co-founder of Bio-Motion of America 3-D Motion Analysis for Physical Therapy, and founding president of E-HealthCare Ventures (a 12-company Internet conglomerate). His marketing innovations in sales, advertising, promotion, public relations, and packaging are credited with over $1 billion in client sales.

   Hal hosted and produced three years of a popular Monday-Friday feature radio show—“BUSINESSWORKS ON THE AIR”—broadcast twice daily on WJLK, Asbury Park, NJ, offering practical business development action steps for NY/NJ area small business owners and professional practice principals.

   In academia, Hal was named “Professor-of-the-Year” by students at both Pace University in New York and Ocean County College in New Jersey. He also taught at Georgian Court University, and served as a Special Instructor with the US Army—Columbia College.

   Hal is a national book award winning author who has published five business books, HIGH TIDE a novel, short stories, and hundreds of business and cultural feature articles in print and online publications. His blog www.BusinessWorks.US—ongoing since April, 2008—features over 1200 original posts on business, personal, and professional development. He writes scheduled guest blog posts for clients as well as for numerous online news sites. He creates and publishes client news releases, feature stories, website content, and branding themes for hundreds of client websites.

   Hal is a graduate of the 4-A’s Advanced Advertising Studies Institute in New York City and The New School for Entrepreneurs, Tarrytown, NY. He holds an MBA from Long Island University (Greenvale, NY) in management and marketing; a BBA from Iona College (New Rochelle, NY) in marketing and philosophy; and is a university MA equivalent candidate in human development.

   His daughter Haley Murphy is an accomplished stage director and Washington-area “WATCH Award” winner for “Dr. Seuss The Musical” with her own Dodgeball Theatre in Northern Virginia. His son Christopher is a well-known jazz performer/arranger/composer with ALPS, his own recording studio in Atlanta.

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