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    Nikki is a sixty-something grandmother who in every way possible is not a doddering old woman. She feels the march of time in her life and with a thirty-year marriage that ended in divorce, she is determined to make it on her own. She has been single for more than five years, and she’s mostly at peace with her ex-husband, Sheldon, Maggie’s father. They remain friendly after their mutually welcome divorce.

    She’s very involved with the lives of her daughter, son-in-law Jason, and two grandkids, which makes her happy on that level. But Nikki’s life is now all about making choices for herself. Once a high-school English teacher, who burned out after 25-years in the classroom, she took early retirement and now lives on a moderate teacher’s pension and intermittent royalties from her writing. That money supports her new vocation as a true crime mystery novelist with five published novels, which, so far, have sold only moderately well.

    At the moment, she can’t even write a line, much less the best seller she dreams of creating. Her publisher keeps calling her to ask if she’s gotten any further along. She is stuck with writer’s block and the frustration embellishes her tendency toward flamboyant outbursts.   

    Nikki has a close circle of girl friends. They are all also single women who make the most of the freedom they enjoy, which encourages Nikki to remain single, living in denial of her loneliness.

    Nikki met Daniel two years ago because he coaches the local peewee soccer teams, and her grandchildren, Jenny and Jonathan are on his team. Although she likes Daniel and even though her daughter, Maggie, pushes her to accept a date with him, Nikki holds on to her “don’t-need-a-man” mindset when it comes to dating. She sees Daniel’s attempts to date her as oddly over-the-top. They have much in common, but they are also very different. She believes she is self-directed and forward-looking. She sees him as floundering and stuck in the past.

    Throughout the course of the play, her girlfriends, her daughter and Daniel influence her to find the balance she knows she’s missing. This opens the writing floodgate, and that poses a series of new problems for Nikki to overcome to find the complete happiness she seeks.