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    Maggie is a mid-thirties mother of  Jenny and Jonathan. She’s been married to Jason for ten years. She’s college-educated with a Master’s Degree in Art History but now, as a stay-at-home mom who does everything for everyone else, she is having some difficulty finding balance. She’s feels the pressure to return to work as she sees forty looming on the horizon, and she wants to go back to her career as the acquisitions director for a high-end, local art gallery.

    The gallery director has been calling her and offers her more and more money each time he calls. She wants to regain her equilibrium, but Jason isn’t willing for her to work outside the home, because his job is so time-consuming and demanding. She’s frustrated, and doesn’t want to move overseas when Jason gets an offer to relocate to England for a minimum of two years. She seeks counsel from Nikki, and ultimately decides to separate from Jason to take the job offer from the art gallery, and moves herself and the children in with Nikki on a clearly temporary basis. 

   Maggie is also a catalyst for Nikki’s liberation from her hermit-like existence. She is on a mini-mission to make sure her mother gets out of the house and takes somewhat extreme measures to assure that she will.