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How many eyes has a typical person?







    Maggie’s thirty-something husband approaching forty and father of Jenny and Jonathan. He graduated from college and went to law school for international finance. He graduated from law school and got a job as an  attorney specializing in financial mergers in a very large, international law firm. He consistently works ninety hours or more a week, traveling often for cases overseas, and rarely has time for family events. When he’s offered a managing partnership and a position heading up a new financial group for his firm in London, England, he discovers that he’s not sure he wants it.

    He routinely misses the kids’ Saturday soccer games, rarely makes it to a school open house, and doesn’t even see why he should. He feels that his work comes first, and says he does it for the family and feels like that is enough. He gets out his credit cards often, buying things to placate Maggie and the kids when he can’t attend events. He has no personal outlets other than work.

    He isn’t happy, even though he makes a lot of money and, if he were to be honest about it, he really wants out of the corporate world he’s in. He doesn’t understand the void developing between him and Maggie and by extension the kids. The firm wants him to relocate to England. Maggie wants to stay in the States.

    They are heading toward a breakup because of the chasm that is developing between them, even though Jason doesn’t admit to his role in the familial meltdown. He decides that he can start his own financial firm and build it around his family life, allowing him to see Maggie’s art job as a plus, not a minus. This shift in thinking brings them back together with good results for the children as well.