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How many eyes has a typical person?







    Danny is Daniel’s twenty-six-year-old only child. He dropped out of college in his senior year when his mother, Allison, died suddenly. Five years later, he remains hurt, angry and troubled over her death, not having truly grieved her. He lives with Daniel, can’t hold a steady job, and has fallen in with Jimmy, a troubled young man with a record of petty theft.

    Danny is in crisis over Daniel’s infatuation with Nikki, and acts out through his friendship with Jimmy. He ignores Daniel’s concerns about Jimmy, and uses his father to get money to fund the next heist with Jimmy—the big one that will make them both rich. The burglary goes bad, and Danny resists arrest and when Jimmy is killed, he tries to escape by grabbing Jimmy’s gun. He threatens to shoot, and the police talk him out of that. He gives up the gun. This is his turning point.