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    Daniel is a sixty-something retired entrepreneur who created and sold four successful businesses during his career. He is very secure financially. He was married to Alison for thirty-five years and they had one son, Danny. Alison died five years earlier. He has been retired since his wife’s death and he is lonely, though Danny still lives at home. Daniel volunteers as a soccer coach for the local sports center and that’s how he met Maggie, Jenny and Jonathan. He eventually met Nikki at one of the soccer games two years ago and was instantly attracted to her. He’s been pursuing her ever since. Maggie knows Daniel from the soccer club and believes he is perfect for Nikki, encouraging them both to date.

    The trouble Danny gets into keeps Daniel busy putting out legal fires for his unhappy son. He believes that Nikki is the answer to his personal loneliness. He declares his love for her, and that prompts Nikki to explain that she believes he needs to push Danny from the proverbial nest, insist that he get a job and take responsibility for his actions. Nikki pushes Daniel to figure out what he can do to let Danny solve his life dilemmas for himself. He decides to use his wealth and connections to start an entrepreneurial training program for the unemployed, under-employed and for successful people making transitional plans to change careers to become entrepreneurs. This change helps Nikki see him differently and to admit she loves him. Daniel finds the happiness he’s seeking with Nikki and the independence he helps Danny to embrace at last.