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How many eyes has a typical person?







    Allison is Daniel's late wife. She knows she can’t materialize in their world, but she reaches them by visiting both Danny and Daniel in their dreams. She is a comic relief as she lets them know she’s happy and fine, playing golf for eternity. She was their "rock," and they both feel at a loss without her.

    She appears to them both, giving them guidance and pushing them to let go of her so they can move on in their own lives.  Danny is surprised to learn she knows about Daniel's interest in Nikki and that she is, in fact, trying to get Daniel to hook up with her. And, Daniel is bewildered by the tangible hints she leaves for him to find, always just at the right moment to push him forward toward Nikki.

   Allison is an existential character, one who navigates the real world with the limitation that she must only observe how her loved ones are getting along without her. But, Allison exploits the loophole she has discovered in that limitation, and successfully influences both her former husband and her son to seek happiness without her.